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How To Operate A Four-wheeled Fire Motorcycle?

Summary How To Operate A Four-wheeled Fire Motorcycle?

How to operate a four-wheeled fire fighting motorcycle?

1. First, fasten the seat belt, then start the ignition, press the brake, advance to H gear, push the car to L gear, when parking, push into neutral, step on the brake, and turn off the ignition. Motorcyclists can quickly master fire fighting motorcycles.

2. Turn on the power supply of the fire fighting motorcycle body, then remove the megaphone, turn on the megaphone switch, press the button of the police light, and the police light starts to work.

3. Pull out the water hose, install the water gun, press down the switch button of the water mist device, turn the switch button to fire, the water gun starts to emit water, turn on the foam liquid switch and the water gun starts to emit foam. At this time, the fire fighting motorcycle can start to extinguish the fire. After the fire is extinguished, press the stop button.

4. Operate the pump by hand, connect two hoses to the water outlet and water inlet of the fire motorcycle, turn on the switch, pull the switch to the left, and empty it. During this process, pay special attention to ensure that there is oil at all times. After use, you must refuel, otherwise the pump will be damaged, turn the operation button, and then water out, press the throttle switch to turn off the engine.

The above is the structure and operation process of the complete fire fighting motorcycle.

How To Operate A Four-wheeled Fire Motorcycle?
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