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60 m Fire Fighting Foam Fire Monitor Introduction

Introduction of 60 m Fire Fighting Foam Fire Monitor

60 m Fire Fighting Foam Fire Monitor is the infrared sensor technology, signal processing communication technology, control technology, computer technology and mechanical technology organically unifies in together, can automatically monitor the fire within the scope of protection. Once the fire happens, fire extinguishing device immediately start, Intelligent scanning of fire source in horizontal and vertical direction, after determine fire two range, the central controller issued a directive, fire alarm signal is sent out, at the same time start the water pump, open the valve, fire extinguishing device for aiming put out the fire, after put out the fire, the central controller issued a directive stop jetting water. If there is a new fire, the fire distinguish device will repeat the process, until all the fire was put out to return to the monitoring state. 5L/s~30L/s full automatic fire monitor water jet form columnar water jet, for range, large scope of protection, extinguishing ability is very strong.

Feature of 60 m Fire Fighting Foam Fire Monitor

60 m Fire Fighting Foam Fire Monitor using dual band infrared and ultraviolet composite detection technology, find the fire early, high accuracy, wide range, without blind spots;
The position of the fire source can be fixed point and the positioning of the water spray fire extinguishing, and the efficiency of the early fire is high;
In fire scene, through 485 bus can manual control the water jetting direction of fire extinguish device nozzle
Using bus system image transmission technology , combined with the field of color image signal remote manual control;
Meet the requirements of the national standard manual, automatic and remote manual control of the three ways;
Bus communication, less material consumption, convenient construction, maintenance is simple and convenient;
Secondary search, no reset, greatly shortens extinguishing time
60 m Fire Fighting Foam Fire Monitor Can receive any other manufacturers’ fire automatic alarm system linkage signal;
Light weight, compact in shape, generous and beautiful.

Parameters of 60 m Fire Fighting Foam Fire Monitor

Radius of Protection


Water Jetting Flow


Overall dimensions (LXWXH)




Interface diameter


Installation height


Rated working pressure


Max. Working pressure



AC220V/Monitoring:1W, scan:50W

Communication mode

RS485(communication with field area controller)

The fire location time


Working environment temperature


Horizontal rotation range


Vertical rotation range


Jet water mode

Reciprocating swing after straight injection

Pictures of 60 m Fire Fighting Foam Fire Monitor

60 m Fire Fighting Foam Fire Monitor

60 m Fire Fighting Foam Fire Monitor

60 m Fire Fighting Foam Fire Monitor

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