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02-type Fire Fighting Suit

02-type Fire Fighting Suit

structural fire sites,road rescue,wildland and fores fire fighting
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02-type Fire Fighting Suit Introduction

Description of 02-type Fire Fighting Suit

4 Layers Structure

Flame retardant layer, waterproof layer,  heat insulation layer, comfortable layer


coat and pull-on-strap trousers/Jackets and Pants




EN340, EN469, ISO 11612, CE certified

Materials of 02-type Fire Fighting Suit

Aramid/FR cotton/Kermel outer shell, PTEF coated fabrics/Goretex Fabrics, FR cotton fiber/FR Viscose/Carbon fiber heat Insulation, FR cotton lining/Aramid lining.

The flame retardant layer is made in Aramid fabric.
The waterproof layer effectively stops water but let through moisture,making the suit breathable and comfortable.
The heat insulation layer gives extra flame and thermal protection.

3M reflective tape available.
Last pockets to ensure carry capacity,specially designed front stormplate,cuffs and legs are installed with inner cuffs to stop fireincursion;integrated shoulder and sleeves,and the patched knees makethe suit more flexible and durable.Aramid sewing thread and qualityimported visibility.This model has been popular with professional firefighters for its reliable performance,light weight and medium to lowerrang in price.

Applications: structural fire sites,road rescue,wildland and fores fire fighting,etc.

Photos of 02-type Fire Fighting Suit

02-type Fire Fighting Suit

02-type Fire Fighting Suit

Pictures are for reference only as different product batch & specs. Please contact sales for confirm.

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