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Automatic Disposable Mask Machine

Automatic Disposable Mask Machine

The full-automatic disposable mask machine has a high degree of automation, fast filmin...
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Automatic Disposable Mask Machine Introduction

Introduction Of Automatic Disposable Mask Machine

The full-automatic disposable mask machine has a high degree of automation, fast filming speed, uniform film size, and the nose bridge strips are in the center without hurting the material, thereby effectively ensuring the quality of the produced masks; the fully-automatic disposable mask machine is a production Plane masks replace traditional artificial systems and improve the quality of masks.

Parameter Of Automatic Disposable Mask Machine

Raw materials:

Non-woven fabric inside and outside 2 layers (weight about 20-30g), PP non-woven composite fiber;

The middle layer is a melt blown cloth (weight about 20-30g); there can also be two layers in the middle.

Nose bridge wire plastic strip PP 5.0mm * 0.55mrr;

Ear band is round with a diameter of 2.5-3mm;

Finished mask specifications: adult 175 * 95mm and child 95 * 140mm (standard 1 optional)

Production speed: about 100 pcs / min

Equipment composition: mask machine body (1 unit), mask connection line (1 unit) and mask outer ear strap machine (2 units) form a one-to-two fully automatic disposable three-layer mask machine production line

Equipment process:

Mask machine body: unwinding-ultrasonic composite-nasal insertion precompression composite-folding view-precompression composite-ultrasonic composite-rolling

Mask connection line: the prepared body mask is automatically conveyed to the diagonal line on the conveyor line of the mask ear band machine

Mask external ear band machine: feed into the body-cut-to-size tape-ultrasonic tape

Appearance of equipment: see plan for specific dimensions

Mask machine body: 5000 * 650 * 1800mm

Mask connection line: 2500 * 1200 * 1100mm

Mask external ear strap machine: 3500 * 800 * 1800mm (single)

Power: AC single item 220V or 3 phase 380V, 50HZ, 9KW

Air source pressure: 0.6-0.7Mpa / cm²

Photos Of Automatic Disposable Mask Machine

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