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Fire Fighting Motorcycle Battery Use And Maintenance

Time:2020-02-29 Tags: Fire Fighting Motorcycle Maintenance

Summary Fire Fighting Motorcycle battery use and maintenance

Fire Fighting Motorcycle battery use and maintenance

1. The surface, connecting wires and bolts of the battery should be kept clean and dry. If the electrolyte is applied with cotton yarn, rinse it with water and wipe it dry (Note: During the cleaning process, tap water is strictly prohibited from entering the battery) to avoid leakage and increase self-discharge, resulting in random failures in vehicle operation.

2. The battery connection must be kept in good condition. Always check the fastening nut of the battery cord for looseness to avoid sparking or burning out the pole.

3. Do not place metal conductive articles on the battery cover to avoid short circuit and burn the battery.

4. After the battery is discharged (regardless of the vehicle travel time and the number of kilometers traveled), it must be charged on the same day. It is not allowed to charge the next day or charge for more than 24 hours, otherwise the battery life will be affected.

5. During the use of the battery, the density and liquid level decrease (especially in summer) due to the electrolysis and evaporation of water in the electrolyte, so it should be checked frequently and distilled water (water shortage will seriously affect the battery life). The level of the electrolyte in the battery should be equal to the highest level line "max". Note: Adding water should be carried out at the end of charging. After adding water, it should continue to charge for 0.5 to 1 hour to make the interior uniform.

Fire Fighting Motorcycle Battery Use And Maintenance
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