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Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer Price

Summary Introduction of Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer 1. Mask 2. Gas cylinder 3. Bottle belt set 4. Shoulder strap 5. Alarm whistle 6. Pressure gauge 7. Gas cylinder valve 8. Pres...

Introduction of Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer 1. Mask 2. Gas cylinder 3. Bottle belt set 4. Shoulder strap 5. Alarm whistle 6. Pressure gauge 7. Gas cylinder valve 8. Pressure reducer 9. Back rest 10. Belt set 11. Quick Connector 12, the supply valve Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer is composed of 12 parts, the characteristics of each part are now introduced as follows: 1, face mask: for the large-view surface window, the surface window lens uses polycarbonate material, with high transparency and wear resistance Strong, anti-fog function, mesh hood-style wearing method, comfortable and convenient to wear, colloidal silica gel, non-toxic, odorless, non-stimulating, good airtight performance. Positive Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer 2. Gas cylinder: It is a carbon fiber fully wound composite gas cylinder with aluminum liner. The working pressure is 30MPa. It has light weight, high strength and good safety performance. The bottle valve has a high-pressure safety protection device. 3. Bottle belt set: The bottle belt clamp is a quick cam locking mechanism, and ensures that the bottle belt is always in a closed loop state. The gas cylinder will not reverse. 4. Shoulder strap: made of flame-retardant polyester fabric, the strap is adjustable on both sides, so that the weight falls on the waist and hips, reducing the pressure of the shoulder strap on the chest, and making breathing smooth. And a large elastic pad is provided on the shoulder strap to reduce the pressure on the shoulder. 5. Alarm whistle: placed in front of the chest, the alarm sound is easy to distinguish, small in size and light in weight. 6. Pressure gauge: large dial, with night vision function, equipped with rubber protective cover. 7. Cylinder valve: with high-pressure safety device, small opening torque. 8. Pressure reducer: small volume, large flow rate, stable output pressure. 9. Backrest: The backrest design conforms to the principle of ergonomics. It is injection molded from carbon fiber composite material. It has flame retardant and antistatic functions. It is light and strong. The inner side of the backrest is lined with elastic pads to make the wearer comfortable . 10, belt set: snap lock, easy to adjust. 11. Quick connector: small, one-handed operation, locking and anti-off function. 12. Supply valve: simple structure, strong functionality, large output flow, with bypass output, small size. Generally speaking, it is composed of compressed air bottles, pressure reducers, pressure gauges, air ducts, hoods, backpacks, etc. It can provide a constant flow of gas for more than 10 or 15 minutes. It can be used by people in toxic, harmful, smog and oxygen-deficient environment for escape. The pressure gauge installed on the gas cylinder always shows the pressure inside the gas cylinder, and the exhalation valve is installed on the hood or full face mask to expel the gas exhaled by the user out of the protective cover. Because the gas pressure in the protective cover is greater than the atmospheric pressure of the external environment, the ambient gas cannot enter the protective cover, thereby achieving the purpose of respiratory protection. The device is small and can be carried by personnel without affecting the normal activities of the personnel. The structure is simple and the operation is simple. The user can operate correctly after reading the instructions without training.

Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer Price

Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer Price
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