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Multifunction Fire Fighting Motorcycle

Summary Conventional electric Fire Fighting Motorcycle is mainly used in garden spraying, road cleaning and dust reduction and haze removal. With the development of domestic urba...

Conventional electric Fire Fighting Motorcycle is mainly used in garden spraying, road cleaning and dust reduction and haze removal. With the development of domestic urban construction and the acceleration of environmental sanitation and greening work, the electric Fire Fighting Motorcycle has developed into the field of multi-purpose use. Traditional conventional sprinklers can no longer fully meet the actual needs of various industries under the rapid development of modern economy. Driven by market demand, in order to achieve the principle of making the best of things possible, the utilization rate and applicability of the special functions of the electric Fire Fighting Motorcycle are optimized. The production department and the technology department have been in the process of technological development in the past ten years. , Boldly innovate, and carefully designed a large number of application sprinklers. The special sprinkler has evolved a variety of functional compatibility from conventional functions, which meets the operating needs of various professional environments to the limit.

Five matters needing attention when purchasing electric Fire Fighting Motorcycle

1. Electric Fire Fighting Motorcycle structure: The sprinkler pipe network system should be convenient for future maintenance work, and the pipe network of each sprinkler should be easily disassembled. For example, if water is often pumped in rivers, the pumps can easily suck impurities in the river into the pipes and filters. For example, large-sized impurities can easily block the pipes and filter screens, which requires manufacturers to facilitate easy maintenance according to whether the pipes and filter screens are disassembled.

2. Safety: The safe operation of the machine not only requires the operator to know how to use it correctly, but the operator must also have a certain safety awareness. Especially for driving a sprinkler, safe operation is very important. The key is to accurately understand and master the key functions. Where, before ensuring safe operation, it is also very necessary to understand the key functions and whether the manufacturer has training and training on the control.

3. Accessories supply: Electric Fire Fighting Motorcycle accessories include sprinkler pump, sprinkler, water cannon head, water cannon tee, water cannon mount, music horn, shower nozzle, duckbill nozzle, duckbill universal nozzle, front jet nozzle , Three-bend forward punch, Cantonese duckbill nozzle, sprinkler mound, nozzle stainless steel 50Φ through ball valve, level gauge, three-way filter, three-way ball valve, through ball valve, male and female ends, power take-off, drive shaft, outlet flange Connecting plate, solenoid valve, pneumatic valve. Whether these accessories are standard accessories, if the accessories are damaged due to long-term use, whether the hardware market is convenient to buy when replacing the accessories.

4. Related instructions: The sprinkler pump is one of the most important parts of the sprinkler. The self-priming and spraying of the electric Fire Fighting Motorcycle are all done by the sprinkler pump. The failure of the sprinkler pump will directly affect the work of the sprinkler. Therefore, it is very important to check and maintain the common failures of the sprinkler pump. Common fault parts of sprinkler pump include motor part and pump head part. To carry out the troubleshooting and maintenance of the electric Fire Fighting Motorcycle sprinkler pump, you must be familiar with the structure and working principle of the sprinkler pump, so it is very necessary to have the relevant instructions for the sprinkler pump.

5. Electric sprinkler pump: Whether it meets the requirements of the electric Fire Fighting Motorcycle industry standard QC/T29114-93 for pumps. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, strong self-priming performance, stable and reliable operation, and convenient installation and maintenance.

Multifunction Fire Fighting Motorcycle

Multifunction Fire Fighting Motorcycle
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