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Description of Manual Rescue Equipment Emergency Button

Time:2022-01-15 Tags: Rescue Equipment

Summary Description of Manual Rescue Equipment Emergency Button

Description of Manual Emergency Button
Operating voltage: 12/24VDC
Operating current: 5A
Withstand-voltage: 250VAC
Many Colors Available
Fire Manual Call Point PW-212 from PEASWAY:
1. Break glass manual call point;
2. Resettable plastic element;
3. Convenient testing with key;
4. Choice of Surface or Flush mounting;
5. Marking options available;
6. Color: Red, green, yellow, white and other color available;
7. Operating voltage: 12/24VDC;
8. Operating current: 5A;
9. Withstood-voltage: 250VAC;
10. Operating status: NO NC (DPDT can be customized);
11. OEM, ODM, EMS are welcome.
Cable Termination:0.5~1.5mm
Maximum Voltage:35VDC
Current Rating(switch only):2Amps
Humidity:0 to 90% non-condensing
Operating Temperature:-10°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature:-10°C to 55°C

Description of Manual Rescue Equipment Emergency Button
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