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What Are The Forest Fireproof Motorcycles?

Summary What Are The Forest Fireproof Motorcycles?

What are the forest fireproof motorcycles?
Forest fire motorcycles are commonly used with two or four wheels. The three-wheeled ones are not suitable for use in forests, they are easy to roll over and the safety is not high. Two-wheeled fire motorcycle operations are very convenient, but the equipment he carries is also limited. Later, there were four-wheeled fire-fighting motorcycles, and the equipment that could be carried was very rich. It can carry foam fire extinguishers, dry powder fire extinguishers, fire pumps, fire hoses, fire axes, and can also be used for daily fire knowledge publicity and patrol.
Skool fire motorcycle, also equipped with a water mist gun. You can bring your own water tank. The water mist gun can greatly improve the fire extinguishing ability, and has the characteristics of eliminating smoke and poison, and no pollution. There was no residue at the scene after the fire was extinguished. Not just for use in forests. Scenes such as community fire fighting, mini fire stations, urban congested roads, cultural relics and ancient buildings, etc. far from water sources are suitable for use and daily equipment.
What Are The Forest Fireproof Motorcycles?
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