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Design Principle Of Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer

Summary Design Principle Of Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer

Design Principle Of Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer

The chemical oxygen self rescuer is a personal respiratory protection device designed based on the principle of chemical oxygen. The respiratory protector is isolated from the outside air. The breathing method is reciprocating. The use of the self rescuer is not restricted by the toxic gas in the surrounding environment. 
When the wearer exhales, the exhalation enters the oxygen generating tank through the mouthpiece, breathing hose, and cooling net, and the water vapor and carbon dioxide in the exhalation react with the oxygen generating agent to generate oxygen into the air bag; when inhaling, the oxygen stored in the air bag is regenerated. After the oxygen generating agent, it enters the human body from the breathing hose of the oxygen generating tank, the mouthpiece, and is cooled by the cooling net to complete a breathing cycle.

When the oxygen generated by the oxygen generator exceeds the oxygen consumption of the human body, the pressure in the air bag gradually increases. When the exhaust pressure of the exhaust valve is reached, the exhaust valve on the air bag automatically opens to discharge excess gas. When the pressure in the air bag is less than the exhaust pressure When the air pressure is reduced, the exhaust valve automatically closes. The content of the above article is for everyone to read and understand the chemical oxygen self-rescuer.

Design Principle Of Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer
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