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Several Types Of Fire Fighting Motorcycles Are Common

Summary Several Types Of Fire Fighting Motorcycles Are Common

Several types of Fire Fighting Motorcycles are common

1. LX250-1 four-wheel Fire Fighting Motorcycle
The four-wheel fire motorcycle is a more widely used type of vehicle, but it is more suitable for water rich areas, because its body is equipped with a 13 horsepower fire pump and fire extinguisher. It needs a lot of water to put out the fire.Fire Fighting Motorcycle.

2. UTV450-1 all-terrain Fire Fighting Motorcycle
UTV belongs to all-terrain firefighting motorcycle, which has good crossing and climbing performance and is more favored by customers. Its body is equipped with a full set of fire equipment, can be used in all kinds of places, and it is equipped with water mist fire extinguishing device, but also can quickly and effectively extinguish all kinds of fires.

3, electric Fire Fighting Motorcycle
This kind of fire motorcycle is generally used in patrol and publicity. It is equipped with a large LED screen on one side of the body, which can be used to publicize or play fire safety knowledge. In addition, it is powered by lithium battery, which makes little noise while driving and can also play a role in protecting the environment.

The volume of the Fire Fighting Motorcycle is several times smaller than that of the fire engine, because it can be used in places that the fire engine cannot enter, such as narrow streets, communities, rural areas, mountains and other places. At present, the fire motorcycle is mainly used for the construction of miniature fire station, township emergency rescue, fire patrol and so on
Several Types Of Fire Fighting Motorcycles Are Common
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