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Rescue Equipment:Lexible Aluminum Safety Tripod Rescue Tripod

Time:2023-02-19 Tags: Rescue Tripod Rescue Equipment

Summary Rescue Equipment:Lexible Aluminum Safety Tripod Rescue Tripod

Lexible Aluminum Safety Tripod Rescue Tripod is made up of frame body, winch, pulley, ring protection chain and mainly used for rescue operations in high altitude, cliff and confined space, such as underground pipe, shaft, cesspit, closed container etc. Widely used by firefighting, municipal, administration, mining etc rescue institution.

Application of Lexible Aluminum Safety Tripod Rescue Tripod

1.Applicable to the operation of high places, cliff and confined spaces, such as pit slots, shafts, drainages, cellars and sewage wells, sewer etc.

2.Widely used in fire fighting, municipal, rescue agencies.
Rescue Tripod features:
1. Consist ofbody,slings,winch,ring-shaped protection chain ect.
2. Be made of high strength alloy, light weight,high toughness,high safety factor;
3. The design of scalable stabilizer blade and hand-lock is applied to different operating radius, height requirements;
4. The unique anti-skid design of footings equipped with ring-shaped protection chain, stronger and safer;
5. The winch is equipped with up and down self-locking devices, ensure the safety of the sling.
6. The stainless steel wire ropes of the sling with good flexibility,corrosion resistance;
7. The scalable stabilizer blade is made of high strength light weight alloy,the safety factor is greater than 10, the footings are equipped with ring-shaped protection chain.

Rescue Equipment:Lexible Aluminum Safety Tripod Rescue Tripod
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